READ Editions

READ Edition 5 – Janice Kerbel ‘Revolutionaries’

Janice Kerbel Revolutionaries 2011, Pigment print on photo rag paper, 23.5 x 18 inches ‘Revolutionaries’ is a modified excerpt from ‘Three Ring’, a larger series by the artist. Janice Kerbel works with a…


READ Edition 4 – Rodney Graham: The Amazing Rotary Psycho-Opticon

Please visit the website for this edition 2012, Pigment print on photo rag paper 43 x 29 inches The Amazing Rotary Psycho Opticon is extrapolated from the design of a rotating mechanical backdrop…

READ Edition 3 – Babak Golkar

READ Edition 3 – Babak Golkar: Architekton No. 1 (After Malevich) 2012, Resin, 5.38 x 2.5 x 8 inches This small resin sculpture is based on the artist’s recent work in which Persian…

Neil Wedman 72

READ Edition 2 – Neil Wedman: Rock and Roll Work Bench

Neil Wedman: Rock and Roll Work Bench 2011, Pigment print on photo rag paper, 43 x 28 inches The image for Rock and Roll Work Bench is sourced from an actual tabletop that…


READ Edition 1 – Print Portfolio

READ Edition 1, is a fundraising print portfolio published by the Emily Carr University Press that features works by Fiona Banner, Dan Graham, Brian Jungen, Myfanwy MacLeod, Jonathan Monk, Shannon Oksanen, Peter Piller,…


Artist Book Bag Editions – Aaron Carpenter & Office for Soft Architecture

Aaron Carpenter Bag Office for Soft Architecture Bag _ New artist edition book bags by Aaron Carpenter and the Office for Soft Architecture for sale in the Book Store. Store Hours Monday to…

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